Will you run out of money before you run out of breath?

If you have questions about how prepared you are, or how long your income may last in retirement, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and your objectives. Thereís nothing more rewarding than the confidence that comes with knowing you are on the right path to pursuing your important financial goals.
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Retirement Income Planning

We understand the unique needs and challenges investors face who are retired or about to retire. First and foremost, you need to know that predictable income will be available for predictable expenses Ė regardless of market activity. That means that a certain portion of your income in retirement will need to come from predictable sources like a pension or Social Security. But what if you donít have a pension? And what if Social Security alone isnít enough to cover your monthly living expenses in retirement?

Thatís where we come in. Our personalized approach to retirement income planning focuses on helping you set up an income stream based on your retirement income sources that seeks to support your needs and goals in retirement.

Our goal is to help ensure you donít run out
of income before you run out of breath.

Sound familiar? Weíre particularly passionate about this part. We believe itís critical to understand how long your income may need to last in retirement and structure a plan to pursue that goal. Through comprehensive planning, we can help you prioritize your goals and develop a strategy that seeks to help you:

  • Meet retirement income needs, desires and expenses
  • Maintain lifestyle choices and priorities
  • Ensure that long-term goals and aspirations are funded for travel, healthcare, estate planning, charitable giving and other goals

Our knowledgeable team has the experience to develop strategies designed to protect and grow your wealth, while striving to provide you with an income for life.

Our process includes:

  • Identifying your sources of income
  • Determining predictable vs. variable income sources
  • Analyzing every piece of the puzzle that makes up your financial picture, taking into consideration the effect of inflation, taxes and rising health care costs over time, as well as family priorities and other variables
  • Structuring your income sources to provide a reliable stream of income for both your short- and long-term needs that adjusts for inflation

Social Security Planning

There are many factors that must be weighed when deciding the best time for you to begin taking Social Security benefits, including whether or not you choose to continue working, your personal tax situation, your other sources of income, and more. Through scenario planning, we can demonstrate how beginning Social Security benefits at different ages may impact your retirement income over time, helping you to make the decision thatís right for you.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.